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Once again I have to congratulate you if you have decided to spend the days of Holy Week in Cádiz. It is not one of the most famous in Andalusia, we are not going to deny it, but coming to Cádiz is always a good option, and if it coincides with a party, that is what you get.

The first thing is that I’m not a “capillita”, so do not let anyone get angry with the post. What I tell you, is my experience of this party from outside, yes, with all the love, because I love the traditions of my land and I appreciate what differentiates them from the same traditions elsewhere. Everything has its charm, and here, even if it is smaller, it also has a lot. This year is comprised between April 12 and 21.

How is Holy Week like in Cádiz?

I would say that it is “pequeñita”, and with this, I mean it is manageable. You can cover it completely without saturating yourself, or without having to wait for hours and hours and more hours.

As in much of Spain, the Brotherhood procession through the streets of the city, with his step (s), penitents, his band and in many cases, behind the step you will see the penance. The party is concentrated in the Old Town of the city, although we also find some Brotherhoods that come from Puerta Tierra (Stripped and Prayer in the Garden).

Within the route we have what is called Official Race, a part that procession all the Brotherhoods and among which is the Cathedral, where a penance station is made.

And what is different about it?

The first and obvious is the framework, the city itself. There are spectacular corners, and if I had to tell you one that I think is beautiful is the Campo del Sur. If you still do not know, Cádiz has a very special light and see a step bathed in that light and the sea is incredible.

Vocabulary is another thing:

  • We have steps instead of thrones like in Malaga.
  • Here the brothers who procession with their tunic and capirote are penitents, instead of Nazarenes as it is called in Seville.
  • The bearers is also something of Seville, here they are shippers, and this is basically because they carry it on their shoulders.
  • At fork pitch: The fork is the rod that the handlebars carry (the loaders that go out of the way) and with it they set the pace to the loaders that go inside. It should be added that the fork was used to hold the steps when they did not have legs.
  • The loading of the steps in Cádiz is like the walk itself, it rocks a little. There are also times when the step rocks in a place without moving, I do not know if it is because it is what I have seen all my life, but for me it is very beautiful.
  • The lollipop of Havana, will there be something more iconic? Basically it is a caramel shaped sugar cap (hence the Havana) and water. There is nothing more typical than eating the lollipop with paper, although in recent years I do not know what happens until it is completely detached. An authentic entertainment for children (and adults) at 2 for 1 €. You must know that the lollipop lord and other sweets go ahead. It is like the cross of guide of the own cross of guide of the step.
Lollipop of Havana

What do you eat?

There are several things that are typical of Holy Week in Cádiz. Because of the situation, or because they become family traditions and less than millennia in some cases, I leave notes of some.

Eat an ice cream in The Italians. The opening coincides with this party and although there are already many ice cream shops in the area, this is the one of to’la vida. And if you want to be the most typical, ask for a topolino (I’ll let you discover what it is)

A pie of Galician. It is open all year, but its strategic location in front of the Cathedral makes it an irresistible stop to anyone in the vicinity. I would even say that these days you know richer. The place is called Casa Hidalgo, although I also tell you that maybe because of that name you do not know much.

The lollipops of Havana mentioned above.

The torrijas, which are eaten throughout Spain, but one thing does not take away the other. Here we already have a universe of varieties, with sugar, with honey, with syrup. This is like the omelette, in each house there is a different recipe.

And according to the traditions of each house, on Good Friday meat is not eaten. You fall porridge or pescao yes or yes.

They also eat many nuts between step and step, and especially “fitetu” pips. In fact, this year the City Council of Cadiz will distribute pipelines (paper bags to throw the shells).

Easter processions per day

  • Viernes de Dolores : Servitas
  • Domingo de Ramos : La Borriquita,Despojado, , Las Penas, 
    Sagrada Cena y Humildad y Paciencia
  • Lunes Santo : La Palma , Nazareno del Amor, Prendimiento, y Vera Cruz
  • Martes Santo : Sanidad, Piedad, El Caído, Columna y Ecce Hommo
  • Miércoles Santo : Luz y Agua, Sentencia, Cigarreras y Angustias (Caminito)
  • Jueves Santo : Oración en el Huerto , Afligidos, Nazareno de Santa María y Medinaceli
  • Madrugada : Perdón
  • Viernes Santo : Siete Palabras, Expiración, Descendimiento y Buena Muerte
  • Sábado Santo : Ecce-Mater-Tua y Santo Entierro
  • Domingo de Resurrección : Resucitado

On this occasion we have also prepared a map and we leave you a pdf with all the routes of the week (for those who want to dispense or add to the paper). We remind you that the map will be updated. And let’s hope that weather respects.

Si te gusta, comparte
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